Production process

The process of card production consists of several different stages.
Each of them requires high expertise of our employees.

Laboratory preparation

With the receipt of design files delivered to us from the customer, we begin with the production of high-quality test paper prints. In this way we ensure, before the start of production, the correct final result. After your approval of paper prints we will perform all necessary actions for the preparation of the card printing.


The cards are printed with special combination of offset and screen printing technique according to the specific needs of each order. Printing machines we use enable us to print at the criteria of cost and speed while optimizing production to the needs of our customers.

Application of mag. tapes and collation

In accordance with the needs of the client, before the collation operation, the magnetic stripe of certain coercivity tis applied to ransparent protective layer. Then all the layers of the future cards are fixed by electric puncture and thus prepared for lamination.


The body of the card, in order to meet the needs of daily use, must be able to withstand high loads in the form of mechanical, chemical, thermal and other influences. Lamination is the stage of production where multi-layer card made of plastic sheets with different properties are produced under the high temperature and pressure.

Card punching

After completing the process of lamination, cards are ready for the punching operation in which, out of laminated material, on the fast automatic punching press,, cards are very precisely punched out  to their ultimate standard size.

Finalization of cards

At this stage, the individual cards chip is implanted and security features such as the signature strip, hologram, scratch-off field and more are added.

Quality control and packaging

Each finalized card is controlled individually at the end of the production process. All cards that do not meet our quality standards are separated and destroyed. The correct cards are packed and by the time of shipment to the customer stored in the vault.


All stages of production cards are performed in a high security zone areas that are protected, have implemented the most advanced electronic security systems and in which are applied security procedures which guarantee the use of the defined security system.

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